Q:What size am I / should I order? 
A: Please see our SIZE CHART.
Q: Do you ship worldwide?
A; Yes! We ship worldwide (with few exceptions). Prices are shown in US dollars. 

Q: How long does shipping take?
A: Please allow up to 2-5 business days for processing and handling before order ships, especially if you ordered on a Friday. Orders made past Thursday late afternoon will be processed and packed on the following Monday and shipped out after the weekend (This is pretty standard as there is no shipping on weekends).
Tracking numbers will be sent to you within a week (at very most) after ordering. If you have any questions, please contact us at Support@GroovySisters.com Our customer team will answer as soon as possible (please note weekends are free, emails sent later on Friday and over the weekend will be addressed on Monday).

Q: Which payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept most credit cards, and Paypal. Our payment system is secure, and your information will not be shared or sold to any 3rd parties. You will be redirected to Striple Payment Checkout from the cart page when you go to make a purchase. Stripe is our payment processor, and has amazing security built in.... we don't even see your credit card info! 
Q: Where is my package now?
A: Our manufacturer ships directly to you, our customer, and they supply us with all tracking information. If you are wondering where your order is, please email support@GroovySisters.com Provide your name, and order number. You will have a response within 24 Hours. As our company continues to grow, we will offer more shipping options, and eventually ship to you directly from our office location. 

Q: I received my waist trainer, now what?
A: Yay! We are so excited that you are officially part of our waist training team. We recommend starting off by wearing your waist trainer for 1 Hour your first day, 2 Hours for your second day, 3 Hours for your third day, and so on, until you work up to 6 Hours a day. After your first week, you can choose to remain at 6 hours a day, or increase up to 8 Hours. For best results, wear for 6-8 hours a day, and you will start seeing results within 30-days! If you are a seasoned waist trainer already, you can skip the first week "work in" period. You can also read more in our Waist Training 101 Guide.
Q: Can I work-out in my waist trainer?
A: Yes! In fact this will accelerate your results. Focus on light to moderate cardio, circuit training, and core workouts.
Q: Can I sleep in my waist trainer?
A: It is a little uncomfortable, and takes some getting used to, but yes!
Q: It is hard to breathe in my waist trainer, Is this normal?
A: The waist trainer will be tight fitting, and it may be a bit scary at first, however, if you are having difficulty breathing, please take the trainer off. If you are not trying the last set of hooks, please re adjust (loosen) and try again. If it is difficult to breathe, do not workout in your waist trainer. 
Q: What are the benefits of waist trainers?
A: Our waist compression belts ( or waist trainers / cinchers) are great for many things! Weightloss and better fitting clothes are the main reasons people search for a waist trainer. New moms who have just had a baby find comfort from the compression, and the waist trainers are a great tool to help them get their pre baby shape back. 
Other benefits include: lower and upper back support, improved posture, back pain reduction, sciatica pain relief, reduced appetite for those who never feel full, feeling full and satisfied faster, and of course improved self esteem.
Q: What is the difference between a waist cincher & waist trainer?
A: Over the past couple of years, these two terms have become synonymous. We use the two on our website interchangeably, so that people looking for the same product can find our website and products no matter which term they are using.
However, "corset training", which is where waist trainers stem from, is the use of highly restrictive, usually lace up corsets, like they used to do in medieval times. Some enthusiasts still engage in corset training, which we have determined to be risky and dangerous. More research is needed, and for that reason we do not recommend "corset training" using tightly laced corsets.
Q: How do I wash my waist trainer? 
A: Please wash by hand or an extreme delicate wash, with mild soapy water. Do not put in dryer. Lay flat, or hang to dry. 

Q; The product that I Received is Not What I Ordered / My Order is Wrong. 
A: A case like this would be rare and unusual, however mistakes do happen. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for bringing this to our attention. Please email us with a photo of the color and size of your waist trainer, we will check our database for your order to compare. If you have received the wrong product, we will send you out the correct one free of charge, and you can keep the other, or give it to a friend who it may fit  

Q: Do You Accept Returns?
A: Yes. See Our Return Policy